Black Real Estate Week 2024

APRIL 14-16th | New Orleans, Louisiana 

This year is going to be bigger and better. We’re going all-in to help you secure your keys to financial freedom in 2024!

Discover a dynamic platform where personal and professional growth converges. Join us as we pave the way for a weekend filled with actionable insights and transformative experiences. At Black Real Estate Week, we are committed to catalyzing your journey towards success.

"Experience the Transformation: 
Join Us at the 2024 Black Real Estate Week

At the 2024 Black Real Estate Week, we've meticulously crafted an unparalleled setting for an unforgettable weekend where the energy is electric, the atmosphere is dynamic, and the opportunities for growth and education are boundless.

This isn't just an event; it's an investment in the future of your family tree. Elevate your journey, expand your network, and be part of the transformative experience that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Reserve your seat today and be a part of a weekend that transcends expectations."

This year, we're raising the bar and going BIG! Don't miss out on the extraordinary opportunities that await

This year's Black Real Estate Week is going to be bigger and better. We’re going all-in to help you secure your keys to financial freedom.

2024 Action-Based Session Itinerary

This Year Brings a Fresh Approach: An Action-Oriented Event Engineered for Impact. Get Ready to Execute the Plan!

Every Participant Will Be Gifted a Black Real Estate Week Planner, Your Essential Tool for Planning, Strategizing, and Executing Your Path to Freedom.

1. Black Real Estate Week Planner Workbook:

Receive our inaugural Black Real Estate Wealth Planner, a comprehensive workbook designed to help you strategically plan your legacy. Each session at the conference will align with specific sections of the planner, ensuring practical application and real progress.

2. Discover Your Purpose:

Engage in an enlightening session with our speakers as they leads you through the Passion Finder, Problem Finder, and People Finder exercises. Gain clarity on your life's purpose and learn how to walk fully in it by 2024.

3. The Millionaire Map (App):

Leave with a crystal-clear roadmap to financial success, regardless of your current situation. Identify your Most High Offer and access our cutting-edge financial planning app to chart your course to becoming a millionaire.

4. Spiritual Selling:

Learn the art of selling yourself or your solution without compromising your values. Discover how to align your passions with financial success, ensuring a fulfilling journey toward prosperity.

This Event Is Built Around YOU, Not Us. 

✅ Step into a Unique Learning Experience:  Our Speakers will take center stage, guiding you through a comprehensive journey. Each presentation is strategically crafted, building on the last to ensure a cohesive path towards our ultimate goal.

✅ Real Strategies for Real People: No celebrities and irrelevant financial plays here. Our focus is on you and your family's prosperity, not ours.

✅ Engage and Connect: Say goodbye to passive observation. Our event features small group interactions and mini-masterminds, fostering diverse perspectives and providing opportunities to expand your network. It's not just about watching; it's about participating and connecting.

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  • Participation in small group interactions and mini-masterminds.
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  • Premium event swag and a personalized conference experience.

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Hosted Live In New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: April 2024
Location: New Orleans, LA